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tv   Global Economy  CSPAN  October 24, 2011 3:30am-5:15am EDT

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>> i cannot see how it is worse from going to be candid to weekend recess, we will settle at this weekend and into its next. the 400 billion euros was agreed to it in july. it is not enough. how much is enough? getting a resolution to this problem containing the fallout, it is not going to shock many people in the financial markets if recent defaults or leaves the union. --if greece defaults or leaves the union. >> i hear one major consensus . ut
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point. going to insist on shoring up the currency's. >> agreed. -- currencies. >> agreed. give me your best projection in terms of what is going to come off of the program?
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>> finds what comes out of the eu are more projections or steps forward on a path that will eventually lead to an outcome that i was talking about, and that will provide it around italy and further constitutional reform that will lead to the union. meanwhile, there will be so much uncertainty generated by -- trailing the market pressure that the crisis will continue. but i think they will move forward. the g-20, there will be more pressure on the europeans to repeat that progress. not as much as i would like to
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see jim terms of growth. we seem to have consensus on the direction needed. incured emerging markets. -- encouraging emerging markets. if they leave a lot, i would not be surprised moving towards plan b or train and imf resources expansion effort. in the kind of uncertain world we are facing, who knows when the imf will be needed. european value to act on its own with -- failure to act on a
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tone is not good. >> [unintelligible] the french will put out a number that is over $1 trillion, but not much will get done. they try to shore up the system. six months from now, we will be back with more problems. looking for more resources. that is why i think it is a bad idea to go down this road. i was calling to say you can read the last hot g-20 statement. global recovery is narrowing. we have problems. we hope they get everything straightened out. what else can they do? >> i think the crisis may fester
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for a year or two. with regards to the next few months, the g-20, i think you will see a capitalization decision. for theee a structure forgiveness of greek debt that will be fleshed out. i think you will see a larger and better articulated esf. with all of that, you will also see greater engagement on the part of the imf. i do not know how exactly that money will be found and how much
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it will involve the united states, but i think it is going to be part of the game going forward. with all of that, the crisis will continue to raise -- will occasionally raise its ugly head. this is a crisis of economic structure. a crisis of growth. >> thinks. the meeting is adjourned. -- thank you. the meeting is adjourned. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] 2011]
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>> and next, republican
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presidential candidate ron paul at a youth rally in iowa. then "q&a" with governor mitch daniels. then your comments and calls on "washington journal." >> there are key security controls at each of the major federal agencies. >> classified data is stored by the government is at high risk by cyber attacks. find out more with security issues tonight on "the communicator's at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> on friday, presidential candidate ron paul was at a youth rally in iowa. he was talking about the role of
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government, individual freedoms and civil liberty. this is just over 45 minutes. very much. i was told this was a special weekend and not many would show up. thank you for coming. [cheering] family members my wife carol. [plause] and two granddaughters, lisa and linda. [applause] it is great to see such a nice and enthusiastic crowd. i give speeches on occasion in
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washington. i don't get any applause at all. [applause] and, you know i'm very sympathetic to the younger people, those under 30. they seem to understand what liberty is all about, so much better than some of those individus that have been in washington wait too long and they don't have the idea of what liberty isabout. [cheers and appause] but tell you what, i get encouraged a whole lot whe i visit with the young people, the college students, because i know that the future looks bright when i meet with you. so enthusiastic. i hope i can encourage you because the stakes are high. the stakes are very high on what's happening and that is what is happening is people are coming to realize this. but liberty is my real issue to talk about economics and
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balanced budgets and foreign policy and federal reserve and a few other things but the issue was liberty. i believe our country has been the reatest and the most prosperous because we have a better understanding about liberty than any other country. we didn't have a perfect constitution. but it's very in perfect now not because it became more imperfect but because the people who were supposed to be following it became less a perfect and totally ignored so we need a new generation that cares about law and the constitution. [applause] i think of liberty as being very simply self ownership. who owns you, who owns your life, who has the responsibility for you? i come from a natural rights the point which is similar to what jefferson talked about, natural rights, god-give


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